Wind-down planning webinar

In this webinar, fscom’s Director, Alison Donnelly and Senior Manager, David Norton, will discuss and take you through the process of how to develop a comprehensive wind-down plan/wind-up strategy and what is required to meet the regulator’s expectations

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Wind-down planning webinar

A practical guide to preparing an orderly wind down

In our experience, senior management teams benefit from our guidance on the data to use and our financial modelling to explore all reasonable options and identify their own plan. Alison and David will dive deeper into the regulator’s expectations for an exit strategy and offer practical advice for firms on how to improve their plans and keep them up-to-date.


We examine:


When is a wind-down plan required?


What are the steps involved in preparing a wind-down plan?


Who has to be involved and what data is needed to prepare a wind-down plan?

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