Ten Key Trends to Watch in the UK Regulatory Outlook for 2022 Report

In a recent webinar, four experts sought to identify the main trends and developments firms should prepare for in the coming year and beyond. The speakers were:

• Jamie Cooke, Managing Director of fscom and Head of Investments.
• Alison Donnelly, Director and Head of Payments.
• Phil Creed, Director and Head of Financial Crime.
• Nick Gumbley, Associate Director and Head of Cyber Security.


They brought their knowledge and experience from across the financial services sector to identify the implications of upcoming regulatory activity for payment and e-money firms, cyber security, financial crime, innovative payment services, investments and more. This report dives deeper into each of these areas.

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We work across three core areas of regulatory compliance, financial crime and cyber security and provide a range of services including compliance advice, authorisations, audits, interim roles and compliance training.

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